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Our Clients

Stories and Letters Received by Our Clients


Lisa is a six-year-old, severely visually impaired girl who started elementary school last fall. AVI's mobility instructor met with her to orient her to the school building. She made a tactual map (a map in the shape of the school building with hallways and key locations marked with different materials) to help Lisa form a mental image of the building. Lisa loved working with the map, using her fingers to follow hallways and locate classrooms.

Since then, Lisa has learned to walk from place to place using a trailing technique (following the walls with her hand.) She is now learning to use a cane along the hallways and is well on her way to being an independent traveler at school.


Leonore is an 80-year-old widow, recently moved to Rockland County from her home in Texas. Since her vision loss, she has been unable to do the things she was used to doing. Leonore came to live with her daughter and son-in-law. Since the both of them are busy professionals, they are out most of the day and many evenings. A neighbor noticed Leonore sitting outside by herself and spoke to her. Gradually, Leonore told her about her vision problems and her loneliness. The neighbor had heard of AVI and called to refer her new acquaintance. An AVI social worker met with Leonore in her new home and told her about AVI's Support Group.

A volunteer picked up Leonore and brought her to a meeting. Although Leonore had been apprehensive, she found herself among a group of people with a common problem and soon began to share her experiences. After attending several group meetings. Leonore finally feels part of her new community.